Why Do We Worship Together?

We at St. John’s truly understand and believe that worship is only a small part to who we are: We are first-and-foremost a community of faith with a central mission. There is so much more to a church than its worship gatherings, yet those worship experiences are an integral part of our expression of our faith. Our worship helps us build that community.

We are working on developing a new worship gathering for both our folks and for those folks whom we are currently not serving with our existing worship style selections. Not that there is anything wrong with either the traditional worships that we do on Sunday morning or the spoken-word worship we gather for on Saturday evenings, we just know that there are more options out there that others desire. But before we get into a tussle about worship styles, let us define what worship is and one of its main purposes therein:

Where we gather together to worship is a gas station and our communal worship is the fuel. We come together to fill our tanks so that we can head out into the world to do what we have been called to do as the people of God.

We go to the gas station to fill up; the day you start hanging out there is the day you have lost sight of life. We don’t gather here to stay here – we gather here to fuel up together and launch together to change our surrounding community together as a people of faith.

So what fuels your soul? This is not about being trendy or hip – this is entirely about what you need so that you can leave this place filled for the week ahead.  We view part of the act of community worship as our recharge together where we learn, grow, are fed, and are sent out. If that is what we expect out of worship (no matter what the style), the questions we need to ask have to do with what you need to make that happen. What aspects of worship are most fulfilling to you? What are you most looking for in a worship experience? What factors are important to you in your choosing your worship gathering? Please tell us what you are needing by filling out our 2017 Worship Survey.

Worship Gatherings

We currently offer two traditional worship gatherings every Sunday morning (9am and 11am) and a spoken-word gathering on Saturday evenings (5:30pm).  Some of our church members choose to dress up, while others dress more casually.  Ultimately, you should wear whatever you are comfortable in – all God looks at is the heart!


There are two convenient parking locations when attending St. John’s for any event, whether it be worship, a family fun night, or a community outreach program.  Two smaller lots are located on 23rd St. with handicap access into the church and gymnasium.  A larger parking lot is located on 22nd St., but is not handicap accessible.