QUOTE-Bailey_more-love-less-paperworkPaperwork is one of the necessary evils of a civilized society. Why necessary? Because it helps us clearly communicate that which we need and from whom we need it.  Why evil? Because we have to fill it out.

Included on this page are various forms and documents that we hope you will find useful for your involvement in this faith community. You can send your completed paperwork to:

EMAIL:  office@StJohnsErie.org
POST:   2216 Peach Street, Erie PA 16502


Downloadable Documents and Forms:



Now for the basic (and unfortunately necessary) legalese:
St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Erie retains the rights to change any and all information included herein at any time without notice. These documents and forms are copyrighted property of this corporation and/or its staff and are only to be used in a way that is consistent with our mission and ministry.