We communicate through various means and ways as humans.  One obvious way is through writing.  We at St. John’s want you to know what we are about, who we are, and what we are doing — that is why we publish a weekly e-newsletter we call The Parish Post.  By clicking on the link below you can download the most recent newsletter – or any of the church’s past newsletters – for your personal reading and edification. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these newsletters (you can download it for free here). Click on the newsletter below that you wish to download.quote-true-interactivity-is-not-about-clicking-on-icons-or-downloading-files-it-s-about-encouraging-edwin-schlossberg-286597

Here is the most recent issue: Parish Post-2017-11-19

Parish Post-2017-11-12

Parish Post 2017-11-05

Parish Post 2017-10-29

Parish Post 2017-10-22

Parish Post 2017-10-15

Parish Post 2017-10-08

Parish Post 2017-10-01

Parish Post 2017-09-24 

Parish Post 2017-09-17

Parish Post 2017-09-10

Parish Post 2017-09-03

Parish Post 2017-08-27

Parish Post 2017-08-20

Parish Post 2017-08-13

Parish Post 2017-08-13

Parish Post 2017-08-06

Parish Post 2017-07-30

Parish Post20170716

Parish Post 20170709

Parish Post 07302017

Parish Post20170702

Parish Post 20170625

Parish Post 20170618

Parish Post 20170611

Parish Post 20170604

Parish Post 20170528





For legal reasons we must tell you that these newsletters and the information
contained therein are not to be disseminated or used in any way that is unauthorized
by our congregational leadership and staff.